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Who Are We?

360 Mortgage Group is a privately owned mortgage bank, founded in 2007. The company actively participates in the wholesale and correspondent sectors of the industry. Based in Austin, TX the company is a direct Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac seller/servicer. We are a market leader who historically have pioneered programs such as HARP 2.0, Government 3/1 ARM products and Agency NINA pilot program.

Efficiency Through Technology

One-touch automated processes, status notifications, and loan tracking make doing business with 360 Mortgage Group a breeze. Our exclusive technology platform is often credited as an industry leading solution for mortgage brokers and correspondent lenders.

Greener is Better

The mortgage operations staff at 360 Mortgage Group utilize a state-of-the-art paperless technology which encompasses all departments from origination through securitization. The company digitally retains all paperwork and does not use paper except at the signing table with the borrower. All documents are shredded and the raw paper recycled to keep the process as environmentally friendly as possible.

Organization Matters

360 Mortgage Group has strategically recruited underwriters from across the country to bring their local market expertise to the underwriting pool. All other mortgage operations are centralized in the Austin, Texas office. The technology platform utilizes an artificial intelligence engine which dynamically prioritizes and queues loans for departmental review. This one of a kind system guides the operations of the organization allowing the company to achieve the highest productivity ratios in the industry.


While the majority of mortgage banks act as an interim servicing lender, buying and immediately reselling mortgage loans, 360 Mortgage Group is an aggregator of servicing rights. 360 retains servicing on 99.9% of its mortgages - meaning loans sold and brokered to 360 are serviced by 360.